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OK, from time to time we get the odd B-grade, normally it is a small blemish, sometimes seen sometimes not.
We sometimes scrap a part for a small defect and it is a waste.
But a few people have asked for us to sell them as it often it still far far better than the part they have.
So here you find a few parts as they become available.

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B-GRADE Vantage Carbon Diffuser Blade(V8)
B-GRADE Vantage Carbon Diffuser Blade(V8)
Our Price: £426.00 (511.20 inc VAT)

B-GRADE (surface blemish on the inside, NOT SEEN WHEN FITTED)

V8 Vantage rear diffuser blade, made in carbon fibre and a high gloss finish, this is a replacement diffuser blade for the 2005 to 2011 V8 Vantage.
This diffuser will give your car an updated look.
Very simply to fit with just 4 bolts.