i-Brake (3rd Brake Light Flasher)

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i-Brake 3rd Brake light flasher creates a brake light flashing effect to catch the attention of the drivers behind and avoid dangerous rear-end collision. The flasher module is a microprocessor-based circuit specifically designed for brake light operations and packaged in a very tiny package. So tiny that it can fit behind any brake light assembly.

Works on both LED and incandescent bulbs, the module flashes 4 times and then stays as a solid light, two flash rates are available, fast and slow.

  • Supply voltage: 12V
  • Max current: 8amp or 100watt bulb.
  • Operation mode: Flashing.


Flashing rate options: 

  1. Use the white and blue wires to set the flashing rate.
  2. With the white and blue wires are separated, the flasher produces four flashes with standard rate suitable for incandescent light.
  3. When the short white and blue wires are connected, it produces a faster flashing rate better suited for LED lights.


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