Leather Scented Air Freshener Pad
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Leather Scented Air Freshener Pad

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Most leather is now chrome tanned which means that the traditional smell we all associate with leather is finished. Our Underseat Leather Scented Aroma Pad gives off the evocative smell of the finest English leather transforming car interiors and rooms to the unmistakable smell. They really have the traditional smell we associate with leather and they last for months. Complete with underseat mounting to fix to seat springs/frame or under the dashboard. Use one pad for a car or average sized room and two pads for a large room.

For Cars: Feel under seat frame to determine suitable fixing points. Attach enclosed strings to the corners of the pad and hooks to the strings. Hook onto seat framework so that the pad is suspended tightly against the seat base. For Suites & Chairs: Turn chair upside down. Attach hooks to the corners of the pad, puncture underside lining of chair/suite and insert hooks.


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